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Individual Zoning. Easy!

Variable temperature control right at the source. Yes, it’s possible.

Perfect Temperature in Every Room

Everyone has their own body temperature. How often do you hear from a loved one, “I’m always freezing!” or another person saying, “It’s still too warm in my room!”

Some rooms may just be warmer than others because the sun shining on that part of the home.

Whatever the reason, having the ability to regulate individual room temperature independently with a central forced air system designed with an integrated zoning system is just what your are looking for.

Now, everyone can get their own comfort zone!

The Calorek Solution

Independently controlling the temperature in every room is nothing new. But doing it the Calorek way is totally innovative.

By re-thinking the inverter-type compressor and independently controlling air flow to every zone from the furnace, you can now easily control multiple zones in your home or office without the need of a bypass damper. And because we can do this at the furnace, retrofitting is very easy without having to tear down all your ducting.


  • 3-ton geothermal heat pump with inverter compressor
  • Central Control Module Zoning Board (CVBM IV)
  • Servo motor dampers independently controled by the CVBM IV
  • ECM fan motor
  • 4-inch duct manifold
  • 1 thermostat per zone
  • On-site configuration of the suppy discharge port location to the left or right of the main module
  • Integrated modulating auxiliary heat (optional)
  • Fully functional with any industry 24V thermostat
  • Comfortably control up to 12 zones
  • 7-year limited warranty


  • For new and retrofit forced air systems
  • Residential and commercial

Energy efficiency test results

Model WTA036 full-load heating mode COP: 3.46 - HRAI Certified

  • Partial-load heating mode - COP: 4.00
  • Average in heating mode - COP: 3.73
  • Full-load cooling mode - EER: 14.77
  • Partial-load cooling mode - EER: 24.20
  • Average in cooling mode - EER: 19.49

Central Control Module Zoning Boards can be daisy chained to control up to 12 zones independently

A Full Package Zoning Heat Pump Like No Other!

  • Designed as a complete “plug and play” integrated zoning system
  • No need for bypass dampers
  • Minimal configuration or design required
  • Air flow variation at the base unit
  • Up to 8 independent zones temperature control
  • Energy Star compliant
  • Integrated components with full compatibility eliminates call backs
  • Geothermal energy and zoning system providevery low operating cost
  • Easiest installation in its category for any type of new or existing home
  • Manual or automatic zoning in retrofit installation
  • Ultimate comfort in any application
Energy Star
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