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Geothermal Heat Pump
Water-Air water-air heatpump


A system that allows you to heat or cool different rooms in your building at different temperatures using thermostats of your choice in each room. If necessary, we can offer you a wireless thermostat.

Uncompromising comfort for every occupant and substantial energy savings.

  • Variable heating and cooling capacity, depending on the number of zones requested.
  • The adaptation of our CVBM IVTM system to the inverter-type compressor and the ECM type ventilation motor allows for bypass-free zoning.
  • Electrical system available from 10 to 23 Kw.
  • This system also allows for both heating and cooling down to only one zone at a time.
  • ZoneMax HEETM air distribution.
  • Option to use with our 4 in flexible duct manifold in most installations.

Energy efficiency test results (Ground loop - water-to-air) - Model WTA036

  • Full-load heating mode - COP: 3.60
  • Partial-load heating mode - COP: 4.03
  • Average in heating mode - COP: 3.82
  • Full-load cooling mode - EER: 14.61
  • Partial-load cooling mode - EER: 23.72
  • Average in cooling mode - EER: 19.17
Thermopompe HAC , climatisation et chauffage multizone


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