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HAC heat pump with simultaneous heating and cooling

HAC heat pump, air conditioning and multizone heating

HACTM heat pump (patent pending) VAFTM(variable flow system)

A manifold that is part of a system that simultaneously heats and cools different parts of your building with the wired thermostats of your choice in each room. If necessary, we can offer you a wireless thermostat.

Uncompromising comfort for every occupant... and real energy savings.

HACTM heat pump components

1 - Auxiliary system (optional)

For the coldest winter days, the electric heating coil inserted into the unit is up to the task. For electric heating from 10 to 23 kW.

Note : You can replace the electrical elements with a hot water coil and its cabinet, fed by the system of your choice.

2 - Zone control

  • Single-zone receiver.
  • A WTC wireless thermostat per room for perfect control1.
  • Reliable and efficient communication, thanks to the TDCB system.

1. You can also use any thermostat on the market.

Thermostats and Receiver Heat Pump

WTC wireless thermostat

3 - ZoneMaxTM distribution module

Impeccable comfort for every occupant, thanks to an ingenious air distribution system. The ZoneMax air distribution system is your no-compromise comfort ally.

ZoneMax with zone control also guarantees optimal energy savings without sacrificing occupant comfort.

  • In a single-zone section.
  • Flap motors designed with efficiency and durability in mind.
  • Includes the controls.
  • Adapts to rigid or flexible ducts of 3, 4, 5 or 6 inches.
Manifold for heat pump and air conditioning simultaneously multizone

Model ZMD14 : An outlet for a 4 in round duct

4 - Ventilation

At first glance, the fan and its motor seem to be like all the others, but it is one of a kind. It is designed to work with the ZONEMAX system and thus adapt its capacity to the number of zones in demand.

  • The intelligence of the CVBM IVTM control ensures that the ECM motor will react to zone requests to feed the desired flow, up to 1200 PCM.
  • The ECM motor is controlled by very efficient and cost-effective CVBM IVTM technology.
  • Minimum energy consumption, without sacrificing comfort.
Ventilation cabinet of a heat pump

5 - Air conditioning and heating

Air condition and heat the desired rooms thanks to our CVBM IVTM system's adaptation to the inverter type compressor installed in the cabinet, therefore within, for better efficiency in cold regions.

  • 3-ton capacity covering needs from 0 to 3 tons (36 000 BTU/hour).
  • A coil to produce heat and another coil to produce cold temperatures.
  • Very quiet.
  • Can handle 1 to 16 zones.
Inside the HAC heat pump

6 - Outdoor unit

The unit is extremely sileucieuse since the compressor is inside.

  • The exterior Side discharge type unit is only comprised of a fan, a radiator and controls.
  • Very quiet.
Unité extérieure Side Discharge pour thermopompe

7 - Different heat or air conditioning pump options to maximize your air quality

You can adapt your heating and air conditioning system to: 2

2. Systeme not offered by Calorek.

8 - COP 2,8 to 3,4 (house test)

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Our systems’ advantages

5-year limited warranty on parts

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